Personal Loans

We are the specialists in delivering mortgage solutions to help you achieve the dream of ownership.

Convergence Finance understands that numerous situations can arise leaving you without the funds you need such as starting a new business, funding for your wedding or planning a family holiday. That is why we offer personal loans that fit your specific situation, budgetary concerns and terms.

We will show you the types of personal loans that are available with us. You can choose one depending on your needs and comfort level. We lend you the funds to fulfill your needs and also offer the best financial guidance that will help you to repay at affordable rates of interest at most suitable term. Our quick and easy application means you don’t have to spend time looking for financial statements or other verifiable documents. Since we offer fixed terms and affordable rates, you’ll know how much you’re paying and when it’s due.

“Personal Loans Which Meet Your Personal Situation.”

You can use your personal loan to:

  • Pay for unexpected bills
  • Pay for vehicle repairs
  • Cover medical costs
  • Replace appliances
  • Plan Holidays
  • Fund your Wedding