Business Loans

We proudly deliver a very wide range of commercial business loan solutions to business owners.

Do you want to buy a commercial space for your company? Are you in need of a commercial loan without causing a dip in your present cash flow? At Convergence Finance, we fund up to 100 percent of your commercial loan and work as the chosen mortgage lender. We help you get loans for commercial use at minimum interest rates.

At Convergence, we provide business owners both big and small with business and commercial loans options. We understand that many businesses do not always have the relevant documentation to provide the banks. Our team of financial experts will take the time to work out the best commercial loans options for you and your business whether you’re starting out, looking to expand, or want to improve your business by purchasing equipment.

“Business Finance Can Dynamically Progress Goals.”

Commercial business loans can be used for a wide variety of business-related purposes.

  • Purchasing new equipment or stock
  • Buying out existing business partners
  • Funding expansions
  • Funding or paying out leasing arrangements
  • Purchase of new commercial properties
  • Funding new investments
  • The purchase or refinance of commercial assets
  • Cash flow relief